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CAP Motto:  Semper Vigilans (Always Vigilant)

Member Oath: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that:

I understand membership in the Civil Air Patrol is a privilege, not a right, and that membership is on a year-to-year basis subject to recurring renewal by CAP. I further understand failure to meet membership eligibility criteria will result in automatic termination at any time.

I voluntarily subscribe to the objectives and purposes of the Civil Air Patrol and agree to be guided by CAP Core Values, Ethics Policies, Constitution & Bylaws, Regulations and all applicable Federal, State, and Local Laws.

I understand only the Civil Air Patrol corporate officers are authorized to obligate funds, equipment, or services.

I understand the Civil Air Patrol is not liable for loss or damage to my personal property when operated for or by the Civil Air Patrol. I further understand that safety is critical for the protection of all members and protection of CAP resources. I will at all times follow safe practices and take an active role in safety for myself and others.

I agree to abide by the decisions of those in authority of the Civil Air Patrol.

I certify that all information on this application is presently correct and any false statement may be cause to deny membership. I understand I am obligated to notify the Civil Air Patrol if there are any changes pertaining to the information on the front of this form and further understand that failure to report such changes may be grounds for membership termination.

I fully understand that this Oath of Membership is an integral part of this application for senior membership in the Civil Air Patrol and that by selecting “I Accept” my agreement constitutes evidence of that understanding and agreement to comply with all contents of this Oath of Membership."


USAF Honor Code: "We Will Not Lie, Steal Or Cheat, Nor Tolerate Among Us Anyone Who Does."


CAP Missions:  Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs, Emergency Services


Seven Basic Responses:

  • “Yes, Sir/Ma’am”

  • “No, Sir/Ma’am”

  • “No excuse, Sir/ma’am”

  • “Sir/Ma’am, May I ask question?”

  • “Sir/Ma’am, May I make a statement?”

  • “Sir/Ma’am, I do not understand”

  • “Sir/Ma’am, I do not know”


Additional Statements:

  • “Correction Please, Sir/Ma’am”

  • “Pardon Me Please, Sir/Ma’am”


Historic Moments in CAP (and other useful info):

  • Hap Arnold was the first four-star general of the USAF and is the only person to hold five-star rank in two U.S. military services (Army & Air Force)

  • First flight by Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on 17 Dec 1903

  • World War II starts 1 Sep 1939 with the German invasion of Poland

  • CAP founded 1 Dec 1941

  • Pearl Harbor was bombed by Japan on 7 Dec 1941; United States enters WWII on 8 Dec 1941

  • 29 April 1943 is considered the "Red Letter" day for CAP when it was transferred from The Office of Civil Defense to the War Department

  • World War II ended in Europe 8 May 1945

  • World War II ended in Asia 15 August 1945

  • CAP became a non-profit, benevolent organization on 1 July 1946 with the signing of Public Law 476

  • CAP became the official Auxiliary of the United States Air Force on 26 May 1948 with the signing of Public Law 557

  • The modern Cadet Program began in 1964


CAP World War II History:

  • CAP members flew more than 24,000,000 miles on coastal patrol

  • CAP summoned help for 91 ships in distress and 363 survivors of U-boat attacks

  • CAP spotted 173 U-boats and dropped bombs or depth charges on 57 of them

  • CAP credited with sinking 2 U-boats

  • CAP's Founders are:

    • Gill Robb Wilson - First Executive Director

    • Florello H LaGuardia - Mayor of NYC and Director of the Office of Civil Defense

    • Major General John F Curry, USAAC - First National Commander


Phonetic Alphabet:

  • A - Alpha 

  • B - Bravo 

  • C - Charlie 

  • D - Delta 

  • E - Echo 

  • F - Foxtrot 

  • G - Golf 

  • H - Hotel 

  • I - India 

  • J - Juliet 

  • K - Kilo 

  • L - Lima 

  • M - Mike 

  • N - November 

  • O - Oscar 

  • P - Papa 

  • Q - Quebec 

  • R - Romeo 

  • S - Sierra 

  • T - Tango 

  • U - Uniform 

  • V - Victor 

  • W - Whiskey 

  • X - X-Ray 

  • Y - Yankee 

  • Z - Zulu


Chain of Command:

  • President of the United States:  Donald Trump

  • Secretary of Defense:  James Mattis

  • Secretary of the Air Force:  Heather Wilson

  • Chief of Staff of the Air Force:  Gen. David Goldfein

  • National Commander:  Maj Gen Mark E. Smith

  • National Vice Commander:  Brig Gen Edward D. Phelka

  • Northeast Region Commander:  Col Jack J. Ozer

  • Pennsylvania Wing Commander:  Col Gary Fleming

  • Pennsylvania Wing Vice Commander:  Lt Col Kevin Berry

  • Pennsylvania Wing Chief of Staff:  Lt Col Suzanne McBride

  • Group 4 Commander:  Maj Heather Weaver

  • Squadron Commander:  1Lt Alan Heckman

Miscellaneous Information:


  • CAP's National Headquarters is at Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama

  • There are 52 Wings in CAP.  This includes the 50 US States PLUS the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico

  • There are 8 Regions in CAP.

    • Northeast (Pennsylvania Wing is located here)

    • Middle East

    • North Central

    • Southeast

    • Southwest

    • Great Lakes

    • Rocky Mountain

    • Pacific

  • There are FOUR Phases to the Cadet Program.

    • The Learning Phase

    • The Leadership Phase

    • The Command Phase

    • The Executive Phase

  • There are FIVE Milestone achievements in the cadet program.

    • The Wright Brothers

    • The Mitchell

    • The Earhart

    • The Eaker

    • The Spaatz Award



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